Issue Thirty Eight (kr)


From cradle to grave, rituals unite communities and commemorate the transition from one stage of life to the next. This winter, Kinfolk finds a new path from old rituals and learns how to celebrate life through rituals.

Delivery Info 배송정보

Delivery method: Domestic delivery In
the case of islands and mountains, additional shipping fees (ferry and airfare) will be charged.

Shipping Period: Average 1~3 days / Weekends, holidays excluded


Refund Policy 환불규정

Exchange/Refund Procedure

1. Please send the following information by e-mail to or by writing a text to 070-4333-4323.

(Return application form)
Customer name:
number: Order number:
Return method: (Select one of designated courier / random return)

2. When the customer center contacts you, prepare and ship the product to the address below.

front of Kinpok 103 646-9, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (070-4333-4323)

3. The conveyance method
– Kin Folk specified delivery service company (CJ Korea Express) apply after about 2-4 days delivery service company within a specified number of customer visits -> 3-4 days to complete my recovery and return refund (except bansongbi refund after deducting)
– Guest Voluntary return: After applying, return it by paying the cost by using <Postal Registration> or <Courier Delivery> -> Full refund (however, when returning a courier service (payable to the addressee), the full amount of the courier fee will be deducted and refunded)